Saturday, February 12, 2011

High-end Bachelor Food: Grld Chz & Lentils

I'm cooking quickly for myself this evening, and so I made an Emmental grilled cheese.  I also had some lentils and mixed vegetables that I cooked earlier as described in my cooking for BVI post, with a big dollop of sour cream.

Grilled cheese is a standard item that's taken off recently, with whole restaurants specializing in them. Having done a few dozen in my time, I got my own method.  The important thing, as always, is having good ingredients.  My favorite is Emmetaler cheese, with Alvarado sprouted bread (or Ezekiel Bread).  I have been experimenting with ketchups and went with spicy Australian Ketchup For Grownups on this one.  

The technique is this:

(1) Melt butter in the pan.  Medium heat.

(2) Add bread slices.  I keep the bread in the freezer all the time.  Thaw it first in the microwave or toaster oven.  Rotate to get butter on them.

(3) Add sliced cheese.

(4) Reduce the heat to low and cover.  The cover heats the area under the lid, as opposed to just the pan surface.  That way the cheese melts  at the same rate the bread browns.  To speed the melting of the cheese further, add a few drops of water at the edge of the pan under the lid.  The steam carries even more heat into the enclosed area and helps the cheese melt faster.

(5) Flip the sandwich.  You can do this more than once, to make sure you aren't browning it.  Keep it covered the whole time, though.

(6) Salt and slice.  When the cheese is melted and both surfaces are browned, take it off the heat.  Lightly salt both sides of the bread.  Slice in half or quarters (the better to dip into ketchup) and serve.  With ketchup.

Advanced edition with grilled onions:  sauté a slice or two of onion first.  Set aside.  Add with cheese.

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